I know, I am super late. Toronto, Venice and Telluride have already begun and I have not written about this year’s Cannes, which was like no other; and no other will be like this year’s again.

Spike Lee, President of Cannes Jury on this year’ poster

Sahraa Karimi, the Afghani director of the 2019 Venice premiering film, ‘Hava, Maryam, Ayesha’ and the current President of the Afhan Film Organization, the state’s film company, and its first female president, pleads with the world to stand against the Taliban’s rule which will eliminate the voice of women and all free expression.

Sahraa Karimi and Sahra Mani by AP

To All the #Film_Communities in The World and Who Loves Film and Cinema! I write to you with a broken heart and a deep hope that you can join me in protecting my beautiful people, especially filmmakers from the Taliban. #Share it please, don’t be #silent.

It is enjoying a BIG expansion in NYC, Los Angeles, AND Canada in theaters this weekend.

Deadline: ‘Tango Shalom’ Dances Into Arthouse: Taps ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ Pedigree, Woos Older Demo With Postcard Marketing — Specialty Box Office

Sunday, September 12, 2021 at 11am — 12pm PDT, 2pm — 3pm EDT, 8pm — 9pm CET. Watch ‘Styx’ by Wolfgang Fischer and join us for a discussion!

From the very first moment I entered the lecture halls of the Sorbonne on the first day as a freshman student alongside our two protagonists, I was an empathetic viewer. How it reminded me of my first day at university as a freshman and also the first day I attended the Sorbonne two years later as a junior.

Within the activities of the 74th Cannes Film Festival, the Arab Cinema Center (ACC) has announced that the recipients of its Achievement Award for Film Critics this year are Lebanese Film Critic Mohammed Rouda & American Film Critic Sydney Levine for their inspiring careers in film criticism in the Arab world. The Arab Cinema Center (ACC) also dedicated a section that sheds the light on Mohammed Rouda and Sydney Levine’s careers, within the new edition of the Arab Cinema Magazine.

Held within the events of the 74th Cannes Film Festival, Arab Cinema Center announced the winners of the 5th Critics Awards for Arab Films. This year, the international jury panel encompasses 160 film critics from 63 countries. The jurors reviewed the Arab films that have been produced in 2020 through the digital platform of Festival Scope, the ACC’s partner.

‘Gaza Mon Amour’ starring Hiam Abbas and Salim Dau

The first ever internationally coproduced feature film co-written and directed by Iraqi women is set to have its World Premiere at Sarajevo Film Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina in a special program section entitled Dealing with the Past.

After playing five strong weeks in New York, “Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe” went on to play other cities in the USA and throughout the world in 2017.

A stylishly accomplished and intellectually well thought out character study of a man who was the most popular author in the world in the 1920s and 1930s who, today, is nearly forgotten. This story is told through six windows of 20 minutes each. This unique storytelling technique gives the film an immediacy as each part of Stefan Zweig’s life plays out in real time.

Sydney Levine

Sydney’s 40+ years in international film business include exec positions in acquisitions, twice selling FilmFinders, the 1st film database, teaching & writing.

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